Flexible Ducting
We supply several grades of Flexible Ducting to suit the requirements of your system.
Energy Smart Duct

Be smart, be Energy Smart. The smarter way to save energy

Independently tested, experts from Sustainable Energy Centre (SEC) at the University of South Australia have proven Energy Smart flexible duct can reduce peak power demand by a massive 30% and make your system 9% more efficient.

More Benefits of Energy Smart TM Flexible Ducting include;

  • Improves system efficiency, reducing energy consumption,
    CO2 emissions and running costs by 9%.

  • Coupled with an inverter unit, Energy Smart™ can help save an incredible 19%
    more energy than a fixed speed unit with Rt 1.0 polyester duct.

  • Using Energy Smart™ ducting you may be able to reduce the size of your A/C unit
    and receive the same coverage.

  • Better insulation properties with 87% higher thermal rating than S.A building code
    standard Rt1.0 polyester duct.

  • Helps to prolong the life of your air-conditioning unit.

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Performance Flex Ducting

Ductair Performance Flex is among the highest quality and thermal rated Flexible Ducting available in the Australian market.

Highly recommended for reverse cycle air conditioners.

Inner Liner

  • Strong Tearless Black Polythene

  • 5 times thicker than most


  • Unique High Performance Glass Wool Insulation

  • Superior Health and Thermal Properties

  • Passed AS 2464.7-1990

  • Thickness 50mm nom

Thermal Rating

  • R1.2

Duct Rigidity

  • Superior BHP Spring Wire Stiffening

Outer Liner

  • Strong Tearless Reinforced Aluminium Foil (100µm – 5 times thicker than most others)

Fire Rated

  • Meets National Construction Code


BCA Standard Flex

Ductair BCA Standard Flex is available in the Australian market as an alternative for reverse cycle air conditioners.

Inner Liner

  • Metalised Inner Core, 18um mylar


  • Lightweight Polyester Insulation

  • Thickness 70mm nom

Thermal Rating

  • R1.0

Duct Rigidity

  • Spring Wire Stiffening

Outer Liner

  • Metalised Outer Liner, 18um mylar

Fire Rated

  • Meets National Construction Code

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