Air Supply Outlets
Premium Mental Vents

Ductair Premium Metal Vents (DPV) is the choice of architects, interior designers and home owners. The sleek modern design will ensure high performance air flow with a smooth ceiling profile.

  • Top of the range all aluminium vent

  • Sleek modern design, suit the most discerning home owner

  • Powder coated aluminium, Easy to clean and fade resistant

  • High airflow and quiet operation, Ultimate comfort

  • 4 way directional blow with flush mounted blades

  • Amazing value for a metal vent

  • Custom colours available

  • 20 year parts and labour warranty

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Eco Ceiling Diffuser

The Eco Outlet is a revolution in efficient air management.

  • Automatic self-powered diffuser

  • Increased comfort on heating OR cooling

  • Simple installation

  • Can replaces existing inefficient outlets

  • Healthy indoor environment

  • Lock open for exhaust air

  • User for supply air

  • Install with FlexRight Duct Brace for correct operation

Eco Ceiling Diffuser.jpg
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The MDOX Vents have been a popular choice over the last decade

  • Adjustable blades

  • Attractive design

  • ABS plastic, Impact resistant

  • High airflow and quiet operation

  • Easy installation

MDOX ent.jpg
Linear Slot Diffuser.jpg
Linear Slot Diffuser

Linear Slot Diffusers have become the number one choice over the past 5years.

The sleek modern designs complicate office and homes.

  • Architectural design to suit modern interiors

  • Highest specification Holyoake product

  • Custom sizing available to suit your home

  • High airflow with draft less air distribution

  • Unobtrusive design

  • Custom colours available

Other outlets available are Weatherproof Louvre (Anodised Aluminium), Double Deflection Wall Register (Powdercoated White) or Linear Bar Grille (Powdercoated White)

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