The Importance of Regular
Air Conditioner Maintenance
The end of summer and winter is a great reminder that your AC needs simple, regular maintenance to ensure it
runs efficiently.

A poorly maintained AC unit can circulate dust, dirt, pollen's and other irritants throughout your home. Additionally, you could see a spike in your electricity bill if your unit is not running as efficiently as it should.

Read on to see how simple maintaining your Air Conditioner actually is.

The Importance of The Air Filters

Most modern Panasonic air conditioners are equipped with two air filters. These air filters are located directly under the front panel and work as the first line of defence against those potentially harmful and irritating pathogens being recirculated in the air of your home.

These air filters should be cleaned regularly to maximise your AC’s cooling efficiency and ensure continuous healthy indoor air quality for you and your family.

Cleaning Your Air Filters

To clean the filter, you must first ensure the AC unit is switched off.

Once the power is disconnected, lift up the front flap to reveal the air filters underneath. Remove each filter by pulling gently on the tab located near the bottom of the filter edge.

Wash the air filters with water, being careful not to damage the filter surface. For extremely dirty filters, use warm water and a pH neutral soap or mild household detergent. Do not use harsh chemicals and do not scour or scrub the filters.

Once they are clean, dry them thoroughly under shade and away from direct sunlight or fire. When they are completely dry, re-install them into the AC Unit.

Note: Applies to majority of Panasonic Wall Split Systems.

Air Filters Removing.PNG
Cleaning The AC Exterior

Next, give the exterior of the unit a wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Minimising dirt and dust that has collected on the panels and around the vents of the unit will ensure your indoor air quality is always at its best.

Note: Applies to majority of Panasonic Wall Split Systems.

Check The Outdoor Unit

Finally, locate the outdoor unit and check for any obstructions to airflow in the immediate vicinity of the compressor. Check the unit is stable and firmly bolted to the mounting brackets. Inspect the hoses to ensure there are no cracks or splits in the hose going to the main unit.

Note: Only if the outdoor unit location is safely accessible.

Regular Maintenance

We recommend these easy maintenance steps are performed on a regular basis to ensure your unit is delivering the cleanest possible air quality for you and your loved ones. Clean filters are not only better for your health, they are also better for your wallet, potentially saving you from additional energy costs.

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